Wealth Protection

At Excel Wealth, we don’t just help you create wealth but structuring appropriate insurance to protect it. We review your complete situation to ensure you have the right level of insurance cover suited to your needs. We consider your personal situation and recommend the right insurance, so you can feel prepared if the unexpected happens.


Insurance cover to consider:

  • Income Protection – financial protection to ensure you meet your everyday financial commitments if you became ill, injured or could not work for an extended period of time
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) – a lump sum that provides cover if you become permanently disabled and unable to work
  • Trauma Cover – a lump sum that provides cover if you are diagnosed with a medical condition or undergo a procedure that has been outlined within your policy, including a heart attack, cancer, stroke or major organ transplant
  • Death Cover –  a lump sum provided to your beneficiaries when you die

If you were to become terminally ill, seriously disabled, or die, the financial pressure would be eased for you and your family during a time of trauma or grief. It is important to consider what levels of cover you require and what amounts are sufficient to support you and your family.


Business Insurance

Not only for individuals, insurance cover applies to businesses to ensure the protection of your business during financially difficult times.

Business Overhead Insurance provides financial protection to assist your business in meeting financial commitments and overheads if you were ever to become ill or unable to work. At Excel Wealth, we assist you in determining the appropriate level of cover to ensure you can meet financial commitments if you were faced with financial uncertainty.

What we can offer

Our professionals can provide insurance advice to ensure your family and lifestyle are protected against unexpected future events. We look at your entire situation to see the types of insurance necessary and how much is needed. Contact one of our insurance specialists today to see how you can prepare for the future.


Discuss your needs

Are you unsure how much insurance you need to protect your family and lifestyle? Our professionals can help you to decide how much is enough.

Compare your options

Let us compare your current or new insurance policies with those on the market to ensure your policy has the features you need at a price you can afford.


Budgeting insurance

Do you want to preserve your cash flow while still being fully protected? We can help you structure your insurance to meet these needs.


Stress free application

We fill out the paperwork for you and submit your application so you don’t have to worry.

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