Baby on Board!

Entering a new stage of your life comes with many uncertainties and parenthood is certainly no exception. The financial consideration of family planning can place unneeded pressure at an otherwise exciting time. At Excel Wealth, we can assist you with managing the financial uncertainties that come with becoming a new parent.


How can we help you?

Our financial advisers can assist you with understanding the costs and financial implications of starting a family. We can help by establishing financial goals and creating a saving plan prior to becoming a parent to help manage expenses to come. We provide advice on how much time you can afford to have off work by analysing your situation and explore the tax and government benefit options available to you.


We can also assist with providing superannuation strategies to ensure you are still on track to meet your financial goals in both the short and long-term. It’s also important to have the right insurance in place as you will have a new dependent to consider.


Our services ensure you are ready to take the exciting leap into parenthood without the financial stress and confusion entering this new chapter in life. Contact one of our advisors today to find out more about the options available to you.

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