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Where’s the best place to put your money

When it comes to deciding between super and your home loan there’s a lot to consider. If you’re paying off your home loan but you also understand the value in building up your super, you may find yourself trying to balance your present needs with those you’ll have in...

Five super terms that should be on your radar

Confused by industry jargon? We help you make sense of it all...  We want to empower you to take control of your finances and own your tomorrow. But we know it’s not always easy. The language of finance can be complex and confusing.  Here we explain superannuation...

Honey, the kids shrunk my retirement

An increasing number of Peter (and Peta) Pans are refusing to fly the coop, staying in the family home well into adulthood.   It’s estimated that in the next five years, more than one million 18 to 29-year-old Australians will still be living with their parents....

Estate planning and why you need a super plan

When it comes to passing-on your super money, you need to put specific plans in place so the right people end up with it when the time comes. You’d probably rather be doing something other than thinking about your own mortality. But because your super can become a...

What’s your biggest obstacle to financial success?

Science reveals how our human-hardwiring can get in the way and cost us much more than we think. As humans, we have changed a lot over time. Vast periods of time have seen us adapt and evolve—from hunting for food to ordering online and as our behaviour has changed,...

What financial records do I need to keep?

Ever feel like you're drowning in a sea of paper? Tame the paperwork today and reap the rewards tomorrow. Life can be complicated enough without all the administrative paperwork that often accompanies it. This is particularly true when it comes to your personal...

What does a comfortable retirement look like?

How much money you'll need will depend on a variety of things. Have you got a plan in mind for when you retire? Is it to travel overseas, hit more balls on the golf course or spend time with family and friends? Whatever your goals, you’ll need to have a plan for how...

2018-19 Federal Budget

9 May 2018 Here’s a roundup of some of the key proposals put forward in last night’s Federal Budget. We take a look at how they might affect your financial goals — whether you’re starting out in your working life, building a career, having a family, or moving toward...

Planning for retirement without missing out today

If you’re looking for a way to start saving for your retirement, but still enjoy your lifestyle today, you’re not alone. Recent research shows 54% of Australians aged 55-64 want the same thing. i No doubt you already have a cash flow system in place, but perhaps it’s...

Can refinancing my home loan save me money?

By replacing your existing loan with a new one, you could take advantage of a better deal. Even if you secured a competitive package when you first took out your home loan, it’s worth reviewing each year i to ensure the interest rates, fees and features continue to...

Am I better off buying insurance through my super?

When it comes to arranging insurance it’s important to decide what types of insurance are available to you and what you’ll need for your particular life circumstances. From here you’ll need to consider whether you should keep it inside your super fund or set it up...

What is income protection insurance?

Have you ever wondered how you and your family would cope if you had an injury or illness and couldn’t work for several months… or even years? For some people, income protection insurance might be the answer. So what is income protection insurance? Income protection...

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